Amélie Nothomb tells you: « I belong to a family where literature is sacred. God, it was less important than a writer.  » She was God, then reduced to adolescence. She was all, then almost broken down. But at this precise moment, she is there. She holds the French book industry at the end of her Belgian arms. But for an hour, the quality of her presence is overwhelming, and frankly unexpected. She doesn’t want to distract herself, she wants to get to know each other and she wants to understand.

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Inna Shevchenko is a living icon. It came close for her: « I know from experience that for some people, it is easier to kill than to accept that women using their voices and their bodies to challenge their morality. »

Inna Shevchenko looks like the daughter of Barbie and Stalin, and she wants to liquidate both her parents: « the patriarchy was erected on the female body. It is therefore with our bodies, on this battlefield precisely, that we can destroy patriarchy. An active, non-passive body, a moving body that screams, an angry body that does not smile ». Continue reading