Yseulys Costes is a leader who says to you, eyes in eyes, “obviously I’m a feminist. In Europe, it is in our interest to be feminist. It’s not a moral problem, it’s an efficiency problem, diversity brings efficiency. ”

She created 1000Mercis, when no one saw where this story of digital marketing could lead. One step after another, she wears something of 21st century leadership. She agrees without facetiousness. She formulates convictions without fuss: « For me, having social impact today means creating jobs. If you really want to have an impact, you have to start a business and make it grow, you have to have ambition.  »

What strikes you, about Yseulys Costes, is her calm speech, her gaze planted in yours, her intellectual articulation. She does not shy away from any questions. We feel the thrill of the alliance of pleasure, daily, determined, well-chosen and of an open, deep, healthy intelligence. There are meetings that soothe and reconcile you. You have the stubborn impression to have met a real woman, a natural woman. Still, you know it doesn’t make sense in and of itself.

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