ORLAN is an extraordinary woman who says to you « like everyone else, I tried to be a woman, a real woman. I tried to be the whole woman, to poison myself. But the poison was so virulent, that I started to vomit it ”. And you ? Will you take a little more? 

There is her hairstyle, there are her implants. But there is especially this woman who does not lie, this woman who is not afraid. At the beginning, she tests you a little, she wants to see who we put her in front of. So you stand like a loner in strong winds. One question drives the other away and you see her smile, her eyes. ORLAN is a very beautiful woman. But you don’t have time to tell her. In front of you, there is a powerful, creative woman. She tells you as with caution « my life has been for nothing, all my work has been for nothing, women often prefer to be decorations ». There, in the middle of her workshop, what a shock. And then its silences which hatch everywhere, but never flee.

She translates to you what her whole work only screams: « Beauty is a question of dominant ideology ». For her, being a woman means taking all possible means to have a point of view and express yourself in the world. And then, microphones closed, the fire of discussion still rolling. she offers you to stay a little longer. You politely refuse, like a child. Wrong answer.

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